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What to visit

What to visit


The Jewel of the Ionian Sea

Visit some of our top destinations in Lefkada. Wonderful sandy beaches, beautiful sights and much more are waiting for you to discover.


Lefkada Beaches

Lefkada is one of the most breathtaking Greek islands and it is located in the heart of the Ionian sea. Let us set the scene… White sand and pebbles glistening in the Ionian sun, crystal clear, turquoise waters and wild natural landscapes join forces to create some of the best beaches you will ever see! Known for the amazing landscape and the exotic water, beaches in Lefkada are considered among the most beautiful in Greece but also in the Mediterranean Sea.
The most popular and world-known beaches are Porto Katsiki, Egremni and Kathisma. If you’re after more isolated beaches, though, head to Milos, Afteli, and Kalamitsi, to chill out and relax away from the crowds. If you want to take a break one day from exploring the most amazing beaches in Greece, Lefkada has much more to offer. An endless amount of activities and historical locations across the island will create the perfect Greek experience.


Lefkada Sights

Entering the island of Lefkada you will find the castle of Santa Maura, one of the most important attractions of the island, which is established on 13th century by the Frankish ruler John Orsini. The castle was created to strengthen the defense of Lefkada against the Turks and to repel pirate attacks. In 1479 it was conquered by the Turks. In the courtyard of the castle will find the church of Agia Mavra.
In the city you can visit the temple of the Almighty that hosts unique works of art, the museum Phonograph, located in the pedestrian street and features a remarkable collection of gramophones and musical instruments. The lagoon of Lefkada full of natural wealth and beauty classified as a wetland as hosts or a milestone in the journey for many birds such as gulls, kalimanes, ducks, geese, swans, herons and more. Located 3 km from the town is the monastery Revealed, protector of the island and celebrates every year the day of the Holy Spirit. The monastery is full of Icons and a sacristy with rare works of art with religious and folkloric value.
Heading to Nidri in Kalligoni area are the ruins of the ancient city Nirikos. There you will see the ruins of the ancient walled town of Lefkada dating from the Archaic to Roman times. Then 17 km from Lefkada meet the cosmopolitan Nidri, the most important tourist resort that welcomes thousands of tourists from every corner of the globe. Within five minutes drive are the Demosaris Falls is a major natural attraction for the island. From where you leave the car will follow a hiking 20 minutes into the wilderness that will enchant you and relax you, until you reach the large waterfall.
Opposite Nidri you can admire the Princess Islands, making a daily cruise to the islands. The island that certainly stands out in beauty and fame is Scorpios owned by shipowner Aristotle Onassis and occasionally has hosted large range famous people who enjoyed their holidays on the island. Now Scorpios owned by Tycoons Russian businessman Rimpolovlef. As I look from the port to the islands your gaze will fall at the house of the poet Valaoritis located in island Madouri.
At the port of Nidri imposing the statue of Aristotelis Onassis built by residents to commemorate the Greek shipowner for his contribution to the island. At the southernmost tip of the island stands the Lefkata cape causing admiration guests. In the center of the island is worth visiting the village of Karya and enjoy your coffee in the square beneath the tall old trees. Visit the shops with folk art and observe traditional needle works with the characteristic ‘’karsaniki’’ stitch and traditional wedding uniforms.


Lefkada Museums

The Lefkada Archaeological Museum : It is housed in the cultural center of Lefkada (A. Sikelianou & N. Svoronou street). The findings exhibited cover a period of time, beginning in the middle of the Paleolithic times (200.000 – 35.000 P.X.) and reaching the later Roman times. The findings of German archaeologist Willhelm Dairpfeld, who developed the theory that Lefkada is Homer’s Ithaca, are exhibited.
Museum of Angelos Sikelianos : In the two-storeyed house that Angelos Sikelianos was born and lived in Lefkada, it became possible to develop the vision and the act of the poet in a modern useum. The visitor can admire personal items of the poet and learn details about his life and work.
The Ecclesiastic Museum of the Faneromeni Monastery : It is housed in Monastery of Faneromeni, 4 kilometers from the city of Lefkada. The exhibits cover a period of time since the second Turkish occupation (1479-1684) up to 1864. The main bulk of the exhibits comprise of paintings of Lefkadian artists, mainly post Byzantine paintings and parts of chancel screens , manuscripts and old prints , and silver works objects.
The “Pantazis Kontomixis” Folkloric Museum of the “Orpheus” Cultural Group : It is housed in the old town of Lefkada (Stefanistsi 2, close to the central square). It includes many significant and rare exhibits from the everyday life of the Lefkadite people.
The Phonograph Museum : In the old city of Lefkada (12 Kalkani st.) a small private museum exists, exhibiting phonographs, records, rare objects of use, decorative instruments, boxes, seals, currency and post cards of the time.

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